Live Report: The iDOLM@STER Million Live! 4th Live: TH@NK YOU for SMILE! Day 3

Well, last weekend was The iDOLM@STER Million Live! 4th Live TH@NK YOU for SMILE!, and us Arizona producers managed to get enough tickets for each person going to go at least one day! I picked day 3 so I could watch my favorite seiyuu, 高橋(たかはし)未奈美(みなみ) (Minami Takahashi or "Takamina"/"Miina" for short) perform live. And it was great! Secretly I just prefer the last day of a multi-day live anyway because that's when they'll typically do more exciting stuff... but if Takamina was on Day 1 I would have picked that day instead.

Anyway, this live and visit to Japan were pretty great! Although it wasn't my first time in Japan, it was my first time in Tokyo, or even the Kantou region, which I'll admit is pretty weird. It was cool actually knowing more Japanese this time around, and being able to kind of almost communicate with some Japanese producers! We met some at the iDOLM@STER CHARACRO Cafe, although our timeslot happened to align with a lot of fellow 海外(かいがい) producers. Meeting Japanese producers is pretty scary without confidence in Japanese... and confident in Japanese I ain't. But I was forced to meet up with FUBUKI, a fellow Konomi producer, to pick up his awesomely designed happi coat that I ordered a while back. That was an interesting experience.

Anyway, our Day 3 tickets put us in upper stands, the third row on the border of the southwest and south sides of the arena. Obviously they weren't as good as the floor seats, but for the section we were in, they were pretty good! Especially since the first row people had to remain seated the entire concert! But let's go over that setlist now...

1. Thank You! / Starlight Theater

Obviously this one was going to be played. And, if you knew about the Day 1 and Day 2 setlists, then it was no surprise that they'd be performing this one right out of the gate. Not much to say about this one, other than a good hype way to start off the live.

2. Starry Melody / Starlight Theater

I really like this song, although I was surprised more people didn't do the little calls that are in the song. It was great to sing along at the end though!

3. Heart・デイズ・Night☆ / Saki Ogasawara

The first solo song, and wow, what a start! There were really cute Akane-chan maker sprites on the little monitors they used as backgrounds on the lower stage thing. I kind of would have preferred "プリティ~~~ッ→ニャンニャンッ!" to this song, but I already saw that one live at Million 3rd anyway, so I can't complain too much. I was given a special Akane-chan call sheet but I'm not that familiar with the calls so I couldn't go all out on it.

4. ホップ♪ステップ♪レインボウ / Eri Inagawa

I came to Million 4th feeling pretty confident in my song knowledge abilities for Day 3, but I'm not very familiar at all with Tamaki's solo songs. Still, it was pretty hype, especially people trying to create rainbows with their penlights.

5. トキメキの音符になって / Momo Asakura (o・▽・o)

Mocho!!! (o・▽・o)

Doing calls to this was really fun. I actually prefer 夢色トレイン with its cyclonability and rad guitar solo, but this one is more iconic as Serika's song.

6. リフレインキス / スコーピオ (Sora Amamiya, Reina Ueda, Rie Murakawa)

The first new unit song from Live Theater Forward 03! This song was awesome, especially singing along at the end! I was again surprised that people didn't do the "parenthetical lyrics calls", but wasn't let down by doing the other calls to the song. Other than that, there's only one more thing to say:


7. フェスタ・イルミネーション / Ayaka Suwa


Oh my god. I was so excited to see this live! I remember being amazed hearing this song while watching the Million 1st BD... and seeing Suwa-chan on the Day 3 roster made me instantly hyped for her solo songs. And Decided... but at least she did a solo song! I was not expecting this song to have such involved calls though!

8. 素敵なキセキ / Haruka Yamazaki


I love this song. I mean, besides Thank You!, it was probably the first Million Live song I heard. I don't even know what Pyonkichi's other song sounds like off the top of my head. And although I wasn't good enough to sing at the line where she lets the audience sing, I was able to do the calls pretty well. Multiple UOs were broken for this one.

9. ハッピ~ エフェクト! / Choucho Kiritani

Miya is another ML character whose songs I'm not that familiar with... but wow, I think my eyes were opened to how great this song is! Shoutouts to the rap at the end. I've got to learn that thing.

10. 永遠の花 / ジェミニ (Keiko Watanabe, Rie Suegara, Minami Takahashi)

Gemini!!! I'm going to be honest... I got out a bunch of UOs during Happy Effect, thinking that the next song was going to be Sweet Sweet Soul. As much as I love this unit, I do have to say that I don't really like the song that much. It's not bad but well, I didn't end up using all those UOs for this song, let's just put it that way. Gemini was still pretty awesome though. And it was a great feels break.

11. デコレーション・ドリ~ミンッ♪ / Keiko Watanabe

This song... Keiko-oneesama's voice is so great! Don't really have much to say other than this song is great and I was happy I bought a Momoko penlight for this event. When I saw Takamina come onto the stage near the end of the song... I had to stop waving my penlight and gather up all the UOs I could...

12. dear... / Minami Takahshi

Nine UOs. Nine Lumica DAISENKOU chemlights used up during this song. It would have been 10 but I dropped one while breaking the others near the end of the song. My life is just a bit more complete now that I've seen this live... ;_;

13. オレンジの空の下 / Rie Suegara

Good stuff. I changed my penlight to orange for this song instead of Fuka blue/purple to match the song title. With the way the setlist was going, I had a feeling what song was going to be next... and when I saw Aries gathered on the other part of the stage, I knew it was time for more UOs...

14. Sweet Sweet Soul / アリエス (Eri Inagawa, Saki Ogasawara, Momo Asakura (o・▽・o))

YO! YO! YO! YO! YO! Put your hands up! わさーわさーわさー!

When I first listened to the Live Theater Forward 03 CD, it took a bit of time before the realization that I'd be hearing this song live hit me. But man... I was so glad I chose day 3 after this CD came out. No joke, I think this is one of my all-time favorite ML songs. It's not only just plain awesome and cool... it also has Mocho rapping.

[Free style]

15. 恋愛ロードランナー / Reina Ueda

It was kind of weird seeing a sudden switch from doing Live Theater Performance solos to a Live Theater Harmony solo. But hey, I'm not going to complain, this song was hype. And the calls were cool. 大好き!!!

16. Up!10sion♪Pleeeeeeeeease! / Rie Murakawa

A! R! I! S! A!

I prefer "チョー↑元気Show☆アイドルch@ng!", (Up!10sion♪) especially since I've already heard this song live before at Million 3rd, (Up!10sion♪) but this song still has some great calls. (Up!10sion♪) Also I'm just kind of a sucker for any songs with time signature changes? (Up!10sion♪) I didn't even know I knew the calls to this song very well... but I did pretty well! (Up!10sion♪)

Up!10sion♪ Up!10sion♪ EVERYBODY, ATTENTION Pleeeeeeeeease!

17. ライアー・ルージュ / Sora Amamiya

Ten-chan! I wouldn't really consider myself a big fan of this song, but seeing it live was really awesome! The calls are neato!

18.メメント? モメント♪ルルルルル☆ / タウラス (Haruka Yamazaki, Ayaka Suwa, Choucho Kiritani)

Definitely broke some UOs for this one. I love how percussive this track is. The random english and references to other songs are pretty neat too. Not much to say except for the fact that this song is incredibly hype.

At this point, every performer had done a solo song plus their unit song from the Live Theater Forward 03 CD. So what was to come next? No one had a clue...

19. 侠気乱舞 / (Aimi, Keiko Watanabe, Eri Inagawa, Nao Tamura, Nana Hamasaki)

Surprise! I'm so glad I brought all the ML penlights I could. As soon as I heard Aimi's voice I grabbed my Julia penlight out of my bandolier and got hype! I'm not actually familiar with this song... even though I bought like 12 copies of the CD this came from... but just seeing these guests was great!

20. ジャングル☆パーティー / Eri Inagawa, Saki Ogasawara

Again, another song I had never heard before... and if I thought the last song was hype... well, this song is just amazing. And the calls are so much fun! They sound so cool! I don't know exactly why, but being surrounded by all those people doing the calls was just an insane experience. By the end I kind of caught on to the calls by reading the screen. I hope I can one day see this live again so I can do the calls properly!


21. little trip around the world / Momo Asakura (o・▽・o), Keiko Watanabe

Both singers did a good job filling in for the original singers of the song, but I really have to ask... why? I mean, of all the DREAMERS songs they could have done with the performers they had for day 3... I was really expecting them to do Decided. Or at least a song that actually belonged to one of the idols actually listed for day 3! Nonetheless, it was pretty good and I'm glad they still did one of my favorite songs from that series of CDs. I did indeed take a little trip around the world to see it.

22. PRETTY DREAMER / Haruka Yamazaki, Rie Suegara, Minami Takahashi, Rie Murakawa

YES YES YES! All of my hype. I definitely cracked some UOs for this song. The lineup is pretty interesting for this song as well, but overall it was just so... much... hype!

23. 瞳の中のシリウス / Sora Amamiya, Reina Ueda, Choucho Kiritani, Ayaka Suwa

Pretty good feels song. I thought this was going to be the "feels" section of the live for a moment... but I didn't know what was coming at the time...

24. ジレるハートに火をつけて / Eri Inagawa, Reina Ueda, Choucho Kiritani, Yukiyo Fujii (Respect for Risa Taneda)

Surprise! Stefujiiii!!! When I first looked at the album cover of Live Theater Forward 03, I knew they were going to do this song. Hearing about certain "surprise" guests appearing at Days 1 and 2 made me pretty confident that Stefuji would appear. Unfortunately we didn't get to hear the "full" sound of the song, as Tane-chan was absent, but I think it would have been disrespectful to her if they didn't do this song. And this song is simply fire! It was stuck in my head for a while after the live.

25. 君との明日を願うから / Haruka Yamazaki, Azusa Tadokoro, Machico

Feels. Right in the feels. I haven't heard this song before, although it doesn't come from a Live Theater series CD release, so I at least have an excuse this time! Anyway, the fact that they were actually performing this song at Budoukan... it's too much! ;_; ...But then they had to go and play footage from Million 1st, 2nd, and 3rd lives on the screen. Million Live has come so far...

And then, after the traditional "seiyuu feels" MC of the live, it was time to introduce the last song...

26. Brand New Theater / Starlight Theater

A new song appears! And we just made up the calls as we went along! The song was pretty great, although I don't remember the lyrics that well.

GamiP Time

After the last song, we began chanting for an encore. And we were getting one... but first, it was GamiP time! This was the first time I've actually seen him at a live, so it was fun to crack a UO and chant "hentai" at him. I have to be honest, despite writing about all the "feels" and using the ";_;" emote a bunch up there, I hadn't actually cried at all at this point in the live. It was pretty surprising, since I cried at Million 3rd... and even at Arizona's Live Viewing of 10th. I did kind of tear up at the beginning, but otherwise, my eyes were pretty dry. Well that was about to change when they played... this...

Million Live has come so far...

Now, the very nanosecond that 3D model of Mirai appeared on the screen, I stood up, cracked a UO, and began screaming like a maniac. I started doing calls to Thank You! as my eyes began to fill with tears... oh the feels! But then something truly special happened when GamiP announced the special animated PV... which of course we wanted to watch!

Oh my god...

I couldn't even really hear what anyone was saying in the PV because everyone was freaking out so much. Laughing, cheering, just screaming from the shock of seeing some animated Million Live... we were going pretty crazy. People were cracking UOs for their favorite characters. I think I cracked at least three during the course of this PV. And at this point my lower lip was quivering from crying like a baby. The feels were real. Also I guess the 765PRO All Stars showed up for a second or two during the PV. Anyway, then it was time to move onto that encore we chanted for.

27. Dreaming! / Starlight Theater

Woo! Hype! I'm kind of sad they didn't do Welcome! but hey, Dreaming is fine by me! And this time I knew all the calls! More songs after those PVs just ramped up the hype to insane levels... I don't think I've ever seen that much orange light in my entire life. But then... it was time for the true last song...

28. Thank You! / 765THEATER + 1 Kotoha 3D Model

Oh my god... I remember being shocked when I heard that Million 3rd live would feature all 37 Million Live seiyuu... but to actually seem them perform together on one stage here was so special. Of course, Tane-chan couldn't perform, but they included a dancing Kotoha 3D model from the newly announced game to bring her there in spirit!

And with that it ended. For real. Million 4th was amazing, dare I say life-changing in some ways. I'm excited to see where Million Live is going in the future. Will the new game be a clone of Deresute or will it be its own thing? Will we get an anime series? And will everyone finally see how great Konomi is? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Future me here! The answer to all those questions is more or less, Yes.

A bunch of nerds in front of Budoukan
Say "Budoukan!"

Future me here! This picture is very strange to look at these days. It's not even necessarily dysphoria inducing because I can hardly recognize myself anymore. HRT is fucking crazy....