About This Blog

What is Perfect Pop Star Academy? Well, it just happens to be my personal blog. Yeah. Unfortunately it is not an actual academy that teaches you how to be a perfect pop star. I apologize for the confusion.

Originally, this blog was powered by a fancy custom made PHP blogging engine. It was built to optimize writing blog posts while still giving me full control over their contents if I wanted to. Ultimately that became kind of a hassle, and writing new blog posts became way too complicated. I also spent time writing a commenting system that used Twitter for its authentication, and then no one ever used it... not even spam bots! That system broke at some point anyway, though.

In early 2022, I finally decided to actually make myself a personal website. I'm not a super big fan of the blogging format anymore, because concepts like tags, sorting entries by date, and even having the concept of entries in the first place seems very limiting to me. For a lot of the things I wanted to post about online, envisioning things as just normal web pages felt a lot more freeing.

...But, sometimes I want to just post a little blog post now and then! This blog is mainly for random little (but not microscopic) things I want to write about that don't have a home elsewhere on my site.

Why is it called Perfect Pop Star Academy?

The name comes from two specific references I've jammed together in my head. Apparently, the anime 『魔法(まほう)天使(てんし)クリィミーマミ』 (Creamy Mami, The Magical Angel) was planned to be given an English localization under the name Pretty Creamy the Perfect Pop Star. I thought this was a particularly funny and charming name and will sometimes throw around the phrase Perfect Pop Star when talking about idol anime.

With my favorite show, 『アイカツ!』 (Aikatsu!), being an anime all about a school for idols, it got the wheels turning in my head. I decided a funny theoretical localization name for the show would be Perfect Pop Star Academy, and I liked that name so much I decided to give it to my blog. I think blog names that seem kind of random like this are way cooler than just My Blog on a website.