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What is Perfect Pop Star Academy? Well, it just happens to be my personal blog. Yeah. Unfortunately it is not an actual academy that teaches you how to be a perfect pop star. I apologize for the confusion.

Specifically, this blog is mainly focused around two things: computer programming and idols. And occasionally both? That might seem like a weird mix of topics for a blag, but I'm not exactly trying to optimize my SEO or page views or anything. Simply put, I'm a developer who likes idols, and one who understands the importance of keeping a developer blog to shout your developer opinions into. As for idols, well, let's just say that I "hope to spread the love and support of im@s all over the world. Whether it be 765Pro, Cinderella Girls, Million Live or even sideM".[1]

But seriously I love idols, as you can guess by the look and name of this blog.

Who are you?

Hi, I'm "Mew"! Currently my "idolmaster producer name" is derP. Let me give you one of my cards. Here's a picture of me:

Are you ready?
I've got some questions guaranteed to shake you up...

As I said earlier, my main two interests with which this blog is concerned are computer programming and idols. I'm also currently learning Japanese and love it as a language, so maybe I'll write about that? 日本語(にほんご)でOK!...多分(たぶん)

I'm also a Lucid Dreamer (明晰夢(めいせきむ)()(ひと)). I love weird avant-garde music (specifically from The Residents or anyone else related to Ralph Records) and you may be able to listen to my Conversations of the Home-Aged variety somewhere on the internet. Also I love rhythm games. Just expect a mixed bag of content from me and never expect to like every single post I write.

Why is it called "Perfect Pop Star Academy"?

The name is a hypothetically localized title for Aikatsu! I thought it was a funny name.

Hello I am a potential employer of yours and this whole layout and alias thing is incredibly unprofessional

My parents told me never to give out my real name. This blog is 100% custom built, front-end and back-end, although it is a bit old. I can do better nowadays (I'm actually currently sitting on a "2.0" codebase for this blog now but just haven't launched it because it brings in backwards incompatible changes and I need to fix those). I hope you can look past all the silliness and see something of value in the engineering of this!

I mean, me too thanks lmao.

This blog sucks!



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